Placing corporate finance in a new perspective


Client enrichment is what it's all about. Being close in every sense and offering all our efforts to achive the best deal and financing structure thinkable for each individual Client. Coupling broad minds with cutting edge solutions. Building on our vast experience and expertise, delivering what only true professionals can do. RJ Partners' view on corporate finance is being a professional people business that lives up to every aspect of that notion. Every day, every hour and in every circumstance for all our Clients :


RJ Partners believes that intensive relationships based on uncompromising trust form the path to long-term success and accomplishment in the field of corporate finance.

This commitment to relationships has far-reaching consequences for the way RJ Partners does business. It means that the firm closely guards its independence so that it does not owe allegiance to any other organisation and can offer its clients a full range of non-biased options. The focus on long-term relationships also means that each of the partners commits to serve as a client’s single contact person throughout each step of a transaction from inception to completion.

Thanks to this dedication at a personal level, RJ Partners plays an intrinsic role in every transaction and dares to be honest, even if it means calling off a deal. The focus is always on achieving the best deal for the client or best financing structure, both growth financing and refinancing of existing facilities. It’s all about not going for short-term profits, but rather committing to long-term relationships that lead to enduring success.

For our client, we arrange the best deals and optimal financing

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